Fine Art on Acrylic Glass or as Print or Framed by Painters Poen de Wijs and Marion van Nieuwpoort

Fine Art Print Reproductions Art-Netherlands Certificates

Certified Fine Art Prints Giclees
Certified Art Giclee (Fine Art Print) is and remains pure craftsmanship. and Re-Art (our preferred supplier who creates Giclees on our demand) strives for the right contribution and the preservation of this unique craftsmanship. Re-Art has therefore the quality seal Certified Art Giclee introduced. The Certified Art Giclee ™ quality label is the European standard for original limited Giclée Art print editions. With the Certified Art Giclee ™ is there a distinction between original, high-quality and valuable Museum quality Giclees and inktjetprints of the often disappointing quality, which under the name Giclee. The Certified Art Giclee ™ logo guarantees Consumers, Artists, Galleries and Museums the most high quality and long life of the relevant Giclees and are always equipped with a Certificate of authenticity.

Life span of the Artwork
We use inks, and fine art papers, have comprehensive stability tests at one of the leading, reliable and fully independent ink–media research institutes in the world: the Wilhelm Imaging Research Institute to Iowa in the United States. By the combination of the inks and fine art paper, we can manufacture Certified Art Giclee's between 50 and 300 years.

An Art Tableau is a special piece of art. Because there is only one of. Not two or three. The buyer receives the special Art-Netherlands Certificate containing a detailed description of the Art Tableau, the name of the Painter/creator(s) of the Artwork(s) and who designed/composed the Art Tableau. An extra Certificate comes from the company who build the Art Tableau technically.