Fine Art on Acrylic Glass or as Print or Framed by Painters Poen de Wijs and Marion van Nieuwpoort

Biography Fine Art Painter of Realism Poen de Wijs


Poen de Wijs, born in Nijmegen, 1948 and died in The Hague, 2014.
Studied at the Royal Academy of Visual Arts in the Hague, 1966-1971 (MO-B).
He lived and worked in the Hague, The Netherlands.

Poen de Wijs' works developed from abstract to realism, with his first realistic watercolours dating from 1977.
Since then he has built up a sizable collection of Artworks, ranging over 800 pieces, initially in watercolour, thereafter oil paints which was followed by acrylic paints in 1999.
He has also created a large number of lithographs (graphic prints from stone).

His art became widely known after his first realistic watercolours, especially after his paintings were used as the music-LP covers for the group FLAIRCK.
This, along with his successful exhibitions at 'Gallery Steltman', in Amsterdam (from 1979 to 1989) further ensured that he had firmly established his name.

During a period when abstract art and experimental paintings was the hot topic of the day, the reactions to Poen’s work varied immensely.
There were not many galleries, who chose to exhibit realist art, at the time, due to a clearly divided “pro” and “anti” realist art campaigns and opinions.

From 1990, his exhibitions were organised by the gallery 'de Twee Pauwen' in the Hague and the 'gallery Bonnard' in Nuenen.
Internationally there were many undertakings with exhibitions, presentations and expos.
Among others, Indonesia, Germany (Frankfurt, Jade), Switzerland (Interlaken and Bazel), Kenya (Nairobi), USA (Chicago, New York) Austria (Innsbruck), Spain (Madrid).

His love for classical music was brought to expression in the theme "Alma Musica" (1993).
In "A Kenyan Holiday" (1995) and "The Clothes of the Geisha" (2000) his love for travel and other cultures was incorporated.
He made a big impression with his exhibition "Prima Vista, A Portrait of Mini & Maxi" (2002) and “Moments”(2011). 

Poen de Wijs has never limited himself to one painting technique or shunned experimenting with different techniques, on the contrary, he continuously experiments and explores new techniques, possibilities and realms.

He has studied and mastered the art of applying the old painting techniques, whilst incorporating his newly developed possibilities.
His realistic style has thus evolved with the changes in the application of painting materials.

In 1990 Poen de Wijs stopped painting with oils and switched over to acrylics.
This material was so developed and stable that he could continue to create all the effects he had previously captured with oils and even more was possible than before.
It appeared that he could even work well with the application of acrylics on ancient papyrus.

A last development in his work is the use of metallic acrylic paints. He places layers of gold, silver and copper paints over a section of his under painting.
A person would be exposed to two completely different images and nuances, depending from which angle one views the art work.
This shiny metallic effect creates an almost three dimensional quality. 

Poen de Wijs has had many books, documentary films and articles published, about his works but also dedicated to his ability in the disciplines of a variety of painting techniques.
During the course of his career, the art critics have had many differing opinions concerning his works, but all have unanimously agreed and noted the high technical quality as a constant.

 Exhibitions a.o.

1976           - Galerie Arta, Den Haag,

1977           - Gemeente Archief, Den Haag, “Handel en wandel”

1979           - Galerie Hüsstege-Steltman, Amsterdam

1980           - Galerie Hüsstege-Steltman, ’s-Hertogenbosch

1981           - Kunstgalerij Lenten, Epse

1982           - Galerie Hofstee, Frankfurt

                   - Galerie Steltman, Amsterdam                

1983           - Tentoonstellingstournee – exhibitiontour Indonesië (Jakarta, Bandung, Yogjakarta)

                   - Galerie Hüsstege, ‘s-Hertogenbosch

1984            - Galerie Steltman, Amsterdam

1986           - Galerie Steltman, Amsterdam

1987           - Galerie Steltman, Amsterdam

1989           - Kunstgalerij Lenten, Epse

1990           - Galerie Bonnard, Nuenen

                   - Kunstsammlung Unterseen, Interlaken (Zwitserland) “Der Drucker und seine Künstler”

1991           - Galerie Bonnard, Nuenen, “de drie gratiën”

1993           - Galerie De Twee Pauwen, Den Haag, “Alma Musica”

1994           - Galerie Bonnard, Nuenen, “Miniaturen”

                   - Kunstsammlung Unterseen, Interlaken “10 Jahre Steindruckerei Hanke”

1995           - One-Off Gallery, Nairobi (Kenia) “A Kenian Holiday” (sponsor ABN-AMRO-bank)

                   - Volksbuurtmuseum, Den Haag, “Gewoon Haags”

                  - Galerie Bonnard, Nuenen, “De drukker en zijn kunstenaars”

1996           - Galerie De Twee Pauwen, Den Haag

                   - Zwolse Algemene, Nieuwegein

                   - Galerie Bonnard, Nuenen, “Solo en duo”

1997          - Galerie Bonnard, Nuenen

                   - Mulierhuis, Den Haag

1998           - Galerie De Twee Pauwen, Den Haag, overzichtstentoonstelling

                   - Galerie Het Fraterhuis, Harderwijk

1999           - Galerie Bonnard, Nuenen

2000           - Galerie het Fraterhuis, Harderwijk, steendrukken

                   - Galerie De Twee Pauwen, Den Haag, “De kleren van de Geisha”

2001           - Galerie Bonnard, Nuenen, “The Circle of Love”

                   - Nederlands Steendrukmuseum, Valkenswaard

2002           - Galerie De Twee Pauwen, Den Haag, “Prima Vista, Mini en Maxi in portret”

2003           - Galerie Schönhof, Jade (Duitsland)

2004           - Galerie Bonnard, Nuenen

                   - Galerie Babs Voskuil, Delft, steendrukken

2005           - Galerie De Twee Pauwen, Den Haag, “Tijd en ruimte” 2006:

       -"Let there be light…!" Gallery de Twee Pauwen in the Hague

       - Lithography demonstration, Gallery Babs Voskuil in 't Woudt

       - New Dutch Realism in New York

       - Gallery Kunsthuis in Naaldwijk

2007             -Realism Expo in Amsterdam:

         - Realism exhibition, Gallery Bonnard in Nuenen

         -Primavera Expo in Rotterdam

         -Art Fair Expo in 's Hertogenbosch

         -Fantasy and Reality Exhibition, Allianz in Nieuwegein

2008             - Realism Expo '08 in Amsterdam:

         -Solo exhibition "The Four Winds", Gallery de Twee Pauwen in the Hague

         -Primavera Expo in Rotterdam

         - Art Fair Expo in 's Hertogenbosch


2009             -Galerie De Twee Pauwen, Den Haag - “Luce nel Buio”

         -Galerie Bonnard, Nuenen – Realisme 2009

         -Galerie De Lindehoeve, ’t Woudt – kunstmanifestatie

2010             -Galerie Bonnard, Nuenen – realisme 2010

          -Galerie De Twee Pauwen, Den Haag, - solo exhibition “The Journey”

         -Galerie Hofstede-Lijn3, Geersdijk

         -Galerie De Twee Pauwen, Den Haag – “Het oog van de meester”

         -Galerie Vellekoop, de Lier – realisten 10-daagse

2011              -Galerie Bonnard, Nuenen – realisme 2011

         -Galerie De Twee Pauwen, den Haag – solo exhibition “Kinderspel”

         -Galerie Vellekoop, de Lier – Realisme rond pasen

2012             -Gorcums Museum, Gorinchem – solo exhibition “Momenten”

         -Galerie De Twee Pauwen, Den Haag – solo exhibition “Momenten”

2013             -Galerie De Twee pauwen, Den Haag – “The Eye of the Beholder”

         -Nederlands Steendrukmuseum, Valkenswaard – Retrospective of Lithographs

         -Galerie Bonnard, Nuenen – “Poen de Wijs in steendruk”

 Art Fairs a.o.

1983           - Basel-Art

1984           - Pan-Amsterdam

1986           - Basel-Art

1987           - Basel-Art

1993           - Art fair Autotron, Rosmalen

1994           - Pan-Amsterdam

                   - Holland Art Fair, Utrecht

                   - Renee Denise Gallery, Chicago

1995-2004 - Art Fair Autotron, Rosmalen

1996           - Estampa, Madrid

1997           - Insbruck, Grafikmesse

1998           - Tidaholm ( Zweden)

1999           - Holland Art Fair, Den Haag

2004           - Druckkunst 2004, Hamburg

2005           - Holland Art Fair, Den Haag

2005-2012   - Realisme ’05, Amsterdam

Books and Documentary Films a.o.

1977           - “Den Haag in pen en penseel” - edition: Nijhoff

1980           - “Poen de Wijs, aquarellen en tekeningen” - edition: Luyten

1986           - “Hedendaagse portretkunst in Nederland” – edition: Gottmer

1987           -   “Poen de Wijs”, Hans Redeker – edition: Steltman

1991           -   “De drie Gratiën”– edition: Galerie Bonnard

1996           -   “Marion van Nieuwpoort en Poen de Wijs, Steendrukken”– edition: Bonnard

1998           -   “Poen de Wijs”, Gerard Kerkvliet & Hayo Menso de Boer – edition:De TweePauwen  

2002           - “De kunst van het steendrukken” - filmed by Koos Wolf

2005           -   “Schilderijen/Paintings 1999-2005 – edition: Galerie De Twee Pauwen

2009           - “Het verhaal achter het zichtbare” – filmed by John M. Vijlbrief

2012            - “Moments” –filmed by John M. Vijlbrief

2013           - “Muzikale ode aan Poen de Wijs - filmed by HAF, Den Haag

2013           - “Where the Artist meets the Printer” –filmed by John M. Vijlbrief

2013           - “Inside the Studio of Poen de Wijs” –filmed by John M. Vijlbrief

2013           -   10 ibooks “Inside the Studio of Poen de Wijs” – edition Apple ibooks; Vijlbrief Media

Articles and reviews a.o.

1976           - NRC Handelsblad, Philip Peters

                   - Haagse Courant, “Constant in training”, Bram Pols

1979           - Het Parool, “De Wijs, naakten net echt”. Frans Duister

1980           - Zero, “De slaap als wapen tegen de bewustmakers”, Emile Meijer, Henk Slechte

1982           - Neue Presse Frankfurt, “Bewegung im Bild”, J.W. Thomasius

1983           - Holland SF, “Vrouwen als aankleding”, J.H. Flaton

                   - Etap Times, “De vrouw als spiegel”, Paul Heijman

                   - Haagse Courant, “Schilderen is gewoon een vak”, Coos Versteeg

                   - Indonesia Times, “Exhibit in Wisma Erasmus”, Prof. Suryabrata

1984           - Kunstbeeld, “In de beeldende kunst zijn we aan een synthese toe”, Leo Duppen

1987           - Playboy, “Variaties op naakt”, Gerard Kerkvliet

1989           - Tekenen en Schilderen, “Laag over laag over laag”

                   - Deventer Dagblad, “Jeu-à-deux”, Thom Stroinck

1991           - Tableau, “In het gevolg van de drie gratiën”, Micaela van Rijckevorsel

1992           - Eindhovens Dagblad, “Terug naar af met realisten”, Desiree Meulenbroek

1994           - Kunstwerk, “Hedendaags realisme”, Ellen Geerts

                   - Oberländisches Volksblatt, “Begegnung mit dem Steindruck”, Edith Biedermann

1995           - Art School Magazine, “Brief uit Kenia”

                   - Art School Magazine, “De drukker en zijn kunstenaars”, Ellen Geerts

                   - Daily Nation Kenia, “A couple with a mission”, Cherop Wilson

                   - Coastweek Kenia, “Two talented Dutch artists capture Kenya on canvas”, Ikarus

1998           - Haagse Courant, “De Wijs doorbreekt culturele barrières", Mike Belinfante

                   - Haagse Courant, “Techniek overheerst”, Roos van Put

                   - Tableau, “De Wijze van de Wijs”, Hayo Menso de Boer

2000           - Art NL, “De kleren van de Geisha” (Red.)

2001           - Lyra, “Artistieke tegenpolen vinden elkaar in schoonheid”, Kees van Loon

                   - Atelier, “Fabelachtig realisme”, Ed Dekker

2002           - Art NL, “Poen de Wijs en Marion van Nieuwpoort (Red.)

                   - Haagse Courant, “Mini en Maxi in portrettengalerij” (Red.)

                   - Atelier, “Feest der fantasie”, Ed Dekker

2003           - Eindhovens Dagblad, “Van fotografisch tot magisch”, Irma van Bommel

2004           - Delft op zondag “Kunstkoppen”, Loes van der Holst  

2006           - Westland, “Isabelle’s Tune is niet te koop”

2007           - AD- Haagse Courant, 40 jaar MINI&MAXI, Mooiste beelden uit lange carriere”

2008           - Zens, “Is de schilder een ziener?”

                   - AD-Haagse Corant, “Litho’s voor het hospice”, Saskia Herberghs,

2010           - Tableau, “Op reis met Poen”

2011           - Interview Programma “Bussiness Class” – RTL 7, Harry Mens

2012           - De Stad Gorinchem, “Hij houdt me een spiegel voor”

                   - De Stad Gorinchem, “Poen de Wijs schildert Fred Delfgaauw

                   - Gorcumse Courant, “Delfgaauw speelt in een heel andere hoofdrol”

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                    - Den Haag Centraal, UIT-bijlage, Eric Korsten

2013           - De Stad Gorinchem, “Poen de Wijs schenkt schilderijen”

     - Kunstkrant, “Schilderen met de steendrukpers”   

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