Fine Art on Acrylic Glass or as Print or Framed by Painters Poen de Wijs and Marion van Nieuwpoort

Fine Art Reproductions on Acrylic Glass, Plexiglas

Artwork on Acrylic Glass, Plexiglas
Artwork and Acrylic Glass, Plexiglas, interacts beautifully with light. With our advanced print quality, we’re able to create highly decorative premium Artworks. We use thick float glass in order to achieve the best possible colour saturation. The Artwork looks sharp and the colors deeper and more intense.  
A Dibondpanel at the back of the Artwork prevents bending of the Acrylic Glass.
An U-profile to hang the Artwork 'floating' makes this a beautiful Art product!


More information about Acrylic Glass and Plexiglas
Plexiglas is often chosen as a replacement material to mineral glass. Plexiglas
 (which is a brand name for acrylic) and mineral glass are both transparent materials. Differences in the properties of the two materials include:

  • Acrylic Glass transmits more light than glass. Up to 92% of visible light is transmitted through acrylic. Mineral glass transmits 80-90%, depending on type of glass and manufacturer. This is especially relevant, when comparing load bearing transparent materials. These windows are mostly several centimeters thick.