Fine Art on Acrylic Glass or as Print or Framed by Painters Poen de Wijs and Marion van Nieuwpoort

Art Rooms for inspiration

One of the most fun activities of working with the beautiful art of Poen and Marion is to imagine how a room, a living space looks like with an Artwork of Marion or Poen. The color palette of their work brings a room to life!


Magical Aura
Acrylic Glass is a lovely material with a magical Aura. Although an Artwork in a frame with mat board is also attractive. Figuring out the right frame for the Artwork is not easy. A classic or modern frame? Perhaps the videoclip inspires you?

Art Tableaus
It's also a challenge for me to find new ways of presenting the Artworks of Poen and Marion. Like Tableaus. One of my favorite Tableauworks is ‘Masai Mara Melody’ (See Collections> 'Tableaus). I am working on a complete collection of Tableaus. That’s also the beauty of the Artworks of Poen and Marion, it offers unprecedented combine options.

John M. Vijlbrief,

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